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    In the first image there are 5 topics, without the +1 Hidden
    The second image also has 5 topics with +1 Hidden

    but, the first image include the topic “Introduction”
    while the second image excludes that but includes “Test Topic”

    In topic “Introduction,” the mainpost is not shown, I don’t think its relevant to the spam button though- when I click on the +1 Hidden in that thread this is the result http://puu.sh/k3iGE.png
    Same happens altogether when attempting to open the thread “Test Topic”


    the test topic was in the trash. i restored it and it seems fine. i think it is working as intended, although why you as admin was not allowed to find and restore it is odd. you might have had to do it through the 2nd menu you found in the test topic and restored via that because i dont think normal users would have seen the hidden topic. since i am a super admin, i had access to it earlier in the process, i think.

    this looks like standard functionality, but we may need to test it with a regular non mod user like wiess and maybe even a mod, not an admin. the admin functions are not as intuitive as other forum platforms, to be sure, but i think that once we understand the rules, i suspect it functions correctly.

    also, the events thread was locked. i assume that was intentional

    if i misunderstood, let me know. i restored it, so you should see it now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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