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    The front page is the gateway to MulchWorlds and is designed to feature longer form, in-depth writing of “article” length with less emphasis on discussion (although discussion and feedback is encouraged) and more emphasis on “publishing” more prominently content on the front page.

    Reporting, reviews, commentary, opinion, recipes, and more can inhabit the front page, and will be cultivated and encouraged for the creative and talented among you who show interest..

    If you enjoy writing and want a more prominent location for your topical articles, let me know here and send me a sample of your work and I will open up the very important front page to freelance contributors. If you have something important and relevant that should be featured, I want to hear from you and include your fine work.

    All work is subject to editorial discretion and will be reviewed and potentially editted prior to publication. Don’t let that stop you, if you want to write and be seen, please let me know and we will move you to that position if your work is quality enough to represent the site.

    Thanks and I look forward to seeing the contributions of the community.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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