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Written 80 Years ago, you should read It Can’t Happen Here free, today

It Can’t Happen Here was written as the specter of Hitler’s rise in Europe was just beginning. Nobel Prize winning author Sinclaire Lewis wrote it in 1935, and it probably was a warning against Louisiana Senator Huey Long’s ambitions on the presidency, at the time.

Adapted into a play in 1936, it eerily paralleled the Nazi ascent, but told in America. Instead of Adolf Hitler ruling Germany, the story tells of US Senator, populist candidate Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, who runs for US Presidency. He runs on a platform of making America Great, American traditionalism, and prosperity and as a result, he wins the presidency.

Seizing on his win, Long neuters congress. He also extinguishes minority’s and women’s rights, violently crushing dissent. He jails political opponents  and corporatizes the government.

People refuse to see the descent into Fascism and loudly proclaim the books title. That Can’t happen in the United States! And as a result, maybe you see why you can now get a copy of It Can’t Happen Here free.

Why Would I want to Read It Can’t Happen Here free?

No, Sinclaire Lewis did not write this book about Donald Trump in 2016. Sinclaire Lewis wrote this book in 1935. Perhaps the warning was unheeded, and then once again, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

It Cant Happen Here Free


It IS an interesting thought experiment, however. What would the United States look like Under an Authoritarian Dictator? I hope we never find out, but it can be imagined if you read It Can’t Happen Here free.

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Get a Copy of Sinclaire Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here” Free
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