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When I was younger, of course going to Toys R US was a treat; like a holiday with the best souvenirs just for me.

Beyond the actual toys, however, was this song from commercials. I mentally adopted it as a personal anthem. A permission to portray a Peter Pan, of sorts. I didn’t want to grow up, and in a sense, I haven’t.

Today, all the news was about the closing of Toys R Us, and beyond any memories I have of specific visits or loot I scored… it’s that song and what it has meant to my choices in life that has echoed through my brain today. My nostalgia for the brand was in the permission they “gave” me to resist growing up. Even the point of this site is basically enjoying play and gaming as an adult.

As I age into the presumably middle portion of my life, I wonder where I would be right now if this song didn’t embolden me to live how I wanted.

Would I have finished college?

Would I have a traditional “career” instead of the turbulent life of a freelancer and the freedom (and risk) that it entails.

Would I have gotten married?

Would I have had kids?

How many?

Would I have gotten bored and eventually ditched all of the above because of who I inherently am?

Am I now a man child because of it?

Not exactly, but it still leaves me to wonder what the other, unopened branch of the Choose Your Own Adventure book had for me.

I can’t flip through the book and see the alternate endings in a meetaphore, so, as of today, Toys R Us officially ends. I guess I ponder on whether my childhood needs to end as well.

Is it time to grow up?

“Growing Up,” Kicking and Screaming

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