It is hard to admit that Leonard Cohen has died when he has essentially been the soundtrack for your life, in many ways, for so many years.

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Yes, Sadly, Leonard Cohen has Died

I first encountered Leonard Cohen in 1994, via the Natural Born Killers movie soundtrack.”Waiting for a Miracle” and “The Future” grabbed me and forced me to pay attention, and he has been with me, more or less, ever since.

Somewhat related, my gf at the time went and saw Jeff Buckley that year, and “Hallelujah” was often played around the house (albeit, the Jeff Buckley version). My Godmother, @vamparrot, sent me an album of his, out of the blue, for no reason.

During the implosion of the original Second Citizen, “Everybody Knows” was a recurring theme because of the “sneaky” back channel way everything went down.


Leonard Cohen has died

Even though I never sought him out, him and his music followed me around throughout my life. As recently as 2014, Phish encored with “Is This What You Wanted,” for the first and only time ever, on Halloween night. It played an influential part in my life in a big way. @imaya was there.

Think I am making up that Cohens music has stalked ME throughout my life (for the better)?

For instance, during a very critical period of change in my life, guess who showed up in person and serenaded me. Check out these 2 blog posts from 2009, where I explained the crazy thing that happened that April day and why they ewere so important to me.

Life After Leonard

So now what? Leonard Cohen has died. What do we do now, after we are done mourning?

I recently had the good fortune to see Bob Dylan again at Desert Trip. The same location I saw Leonard Cohen. And during the week after, Dylan won the Nobel prize, then didn’t respond. Cohen responded about Dylan potentially blowing off the Nobel Prize about a month ago, he said, and I quote:

β€œTo me, [the award] is like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain.”

So yeah, Leonard Cohen has died. I blame Trump.

Seriously, Rest in Peace, my friend. Thanks for being there for me.

Leonard Cohen Has Died
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2 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen Has Died

  • November 13, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Here is the thing. If you don’t know who Leonard Cohen was or why he was so brilliant. I submit the last link/song
    Please, listen to it again

    Pay attention to the lyrics. Listen to the tone and tempo. watch the beautiful imagry set among the gorgeous instrumentations and sweet background vocals

    then, and ONLY THEN, look up what the song is *actually* about.

    seriously. follow my instructions. its worth it. once the true meaning is revealed, the lyrics & imagery take on a much different quality

    that is but one simple clue to his absolute brilliance and mastery of his art

    as much as i agree dylan deserved the Nobel, i truly wish Cohen would have won it first, on merit. many people dont understand his absolute power and brilliance. the Nobel would have forced people to realize what he brought to this earth. thank you Mr Leonard Cohen. You were a wonderful & unexpected stowaway in my life, and I will keep you with me until the next time we are in the same “room”

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