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Before I tell you how to get Dungeon Keeper free, let me tell you about one of my favorite games of all time. It is like a bizarre melding of a game like the Sims management meets an RTS with a weird tower defense game thrown in, with over the top humor everywhere. That game is a quirky game you may have heard of called Evil Genius.

It is a game where you play as a James Bond style super-villain bent on taking over the world. To do so, you have to build your secret base. While doing so, various special agents try to take you out, so you have to defend your base with traps and capture them. You also have to accumulate wealth to pay for your world domination plans. And then the tourists come and want to see your Island, and you have to hide the secret base from them, too. It is quite the juggling act!

What I didn’t know, when I fell in love with Evil Genius, was that it was based on an old series called Dungeon Keeper. In it, you played a dungeon overlord who needed to set traps, stock the dungeon with henchman, and accumulate treasure. It was difficult to find that game, back in the day, but not today and not for you. You can get Dungeon Keeper free right now on Origin for it’s “On the House” promotion.

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How do You get Dungeon Keeper Free?

To get it, do 3 simple things

  1. Log in or Sign up to Origin
  2. Claim Your Copy of Dungeon Keeper free game
  3. Install it, and you get Dungeon Keeper free to play forever

This game is an absolute classic. It may not be great looking, but it inspired it’s own genre; Dungeon Management. Plus, you get Dungeon Keeper free to keep, so there is no risk. Grab it and try playing it. It is a very unique experience.

Control the Darkness Retro Style With Dungeon Keeper for Free
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