• Mulch commented on a Photo in the group Real Life 3 years ago

    To close the book on this. These guys were legit!

    By George, I think I got it when I knew almost every single song (except 3) in a 2 hour show.


    2 drummers, 2 basses, 3 background singers, MINIMAL tracks (except the trademark harmonica riff of their trademark hit).

    A couple pointless costume changes (because the singer didn’t really NEED to, the costumes were only marginally different. That’s not a shot; the singers look was very effective) were ultimately meaningless because the actual band had a VERY solid foundation, much more solid than I had given them credit for… much like KC & the Sunshine Band, but even more-so.

    My ultimate verdict is, if you lived through the 80’s and know this band, go see them. I assure you, that you will most likely have a blast, and even if you don’t, you will respect the band, original lineup and all.

    I was schooled. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… or by the 80’s! If they are near you, go see them with the only intent to have fun, and you will. The delivered way more than I expected!

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