I still look back fondly, often, at the few days we all spent together. The Pow wow, the parade, both monuments, even shopping. None of us wanted to part company at the end that final day when you escorted us out of the far end of your state. We all intimately bonded hard during those heady days and parting was such sweet sorrow. You and your family were a major highlight of that trip, but we all made sure we were going to do it again and meet up as a group of friends and loved ones (adored) eventually, sooner, rather than later, hopefully.

I especially enjoyed shooting the shit with you all night, just you and a very intoxicated me. I REALLY came to admire, respect, and truly consider you a friend after that night. It was beautiful, and I think back and treasure it often, and will never forget it.

Sadly, because of a variety of circumstances, those days were never to repeat. However, I think all of us could agree that those days were magical, and I am so glad all of us got to spend that time together. It is a highlight of my life, those few precious days.

Thank you for contacting me a couple days ago. It would have killed me to not have had a last chance to talk to you, and my soul was filled with warmth hearing from you those few precious days ago. It makes it easier to have recently given you affection, and received it from you in return, my friend, even if we didn’t get our official goodbyes in. Raincheck my brother, raincheck.

You will be missed, my friend, by far more than myself. Thank you for the honor and privilege to have known you. Say hi to Jimi and Jerry for me.

Grateful Dead - Brokedown Palace (Studio Version)

Rest in Peace Alan Seeger AKA Phoenix Psaltery AKA Wakinyan

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Alan Seeger AKA Phoenix Psaltery AKA Wakinyan

  • December 11, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    I was so sad when I saw this posted. Alan was one of the first people I met in Second Life in person at the first conference in San Francisco. I’m glad you wrote this and I am super glad you’re still around Mulch. I have often wondered how you were doing. I left SL for awhile but really made some great friends when I was there. — Rose

    • December 11, 2018 at 1:46 pm



      How have you been?

      I have been out of SL since way back when, never to return.

      I hope I wasn’t the one to break it to you about P2. Very sad. In 2009, Kita/Imaya and myself spent some quality IRL time with P2 and Sans. I am so happy he got to be a multiple published author by the time he passed.

      Man I have missed our banter. I hope you keep in touch!

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