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    And why?

    i just worked a show with these guys and they were amazing, despite the obvious limitations. I had heard of this song because I was really into Black Sabbath, who also had a song entitled “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” and I thought that the Smithereens were doing a cover.

    But it wasn’t; it was their own, very good song.

    When I worked their show, they opened with it. And it was awesome. I found out about what happened to Pat DiNizio, and still, the band rocked, bigly. Good concert, strong recommendation to attend if possible.


    Was reading a list of under-reported celebrity deaths of 2016 and found out that Bernie Worrell, keyboardist for Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking Heads had died. The article linked this track and it smokes!


    I was reading an article on Charlie Parker and this particular track was mentioned in that Parker showed up late strung out on heroin, 22 choruses into the song and killed it to the point that 70 years later people were still talking about it.

    I had to hear it. While I am not sure who is who in this collection of assembled greats as I am unfamiliar with thier “voices” (whereas I can pick Maynard out in an instant), it is outstanding in every sense of the word, start to finish. I generally prefer post bop, but this bebop is truly spectacular.

    If anyone can break down the solos by minute, I would be interested in putting a name to a sound.

    Musicians are thought to be Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Buck Clayton, Willie Smith, Jack Kersey, and Buddy Rich.


    So tonight i worked a somewhat private party, and the entertainer had been on American Idol.

    Yeah, I mocked her because of that until she showed up for soundcheck and floored me substantially on a multitude of levels.

    She is Legit.

    She is the real deal.

    Her vocal talent is absolutely INSANE (especially combined with advanced mastery of stagecraft). I wish I could show you the raw stuff I was privy to tonight with her 3 piece band, that completely impressed a jaded vet like myself, but there were no records rolling! She performed tonight as a favor to, i shit you not, her grandmother!

    Katharine McPhee is 100% the real deal. No doubt. I can’t find ANY of the mind blowing things I witnessed her do live tonight from 15 feet away online.

    So i will have to share with you this performance, that while OK, wasnt even close to as good as i got to see tonight in a private party setting

    I can’t explain her control of not only her voice, but of her control of the room.

    I can’t share my personal experience with her interacting with a variety of people of different classes of people offstage either, and being distinctly human as in not under a delusion that because she is a celebrity that she is better than anyone else. In fact, I found her pretty humble and somewhat less egotistical than some of my delusional colleagues.

    as much as i hate to admit something good came out of american idol, Katharine McPhee is proof that even in the worst cesspools on the planet, mind blowing talent can emerge.

    if you havent caught this yet, i dont know how to put into words how awesome i think she is, as a performer and as a human!

    i dont think recorded media can do her stage talent justice. go see (or more precisely, hear) her live ASAP.

    support her. she is a good human


    no, it is not because of Lionel’s hair in the video, or the awesome glittery threads

    this song is legit a masterpiece



    like this song needs a reason.

    just chill out and get with it…

    until you use me up!

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